A Plethora of Goodness

The first good thing that I noticed today was my thinking: I caught myself standing at the door first hour thinking, “I wonder what good thing will happen today?” Yay at changing my thought life!

Next, a student that prides himself on never asking questions….accidentally asked a question! Nothing groundbreaking but afterward he said “Oh no. I just asked a question.” Success!

Then I was talking to students about ideas for a year-long competition between all my math classes. One girl came up with the best name ever: “Milympics” (my last name is Miller). SO perfect.

Later another class said we could be like Hogwarts and they got SO excited planning ideas like a class color day, names for each class, things each class can earn points for, quidditch games, and etc.

The next period some boys literally suggested a fashion show and they pretended to walk down the catwalk/aisle dancing. SO hilarious.

And finally, the FaCS class asked me to come film a rap that their group made up about dysfunctional families. It was SO great. I’d show you but…then I’d have to kill you. =)

Students that don’t have me this year have been asking for high fives in the hallway. And for the second time, someone asked me how I can be in such a good mood in the mornings.

Even with my changing thought life, I would not have predicted all these good things today!


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