Geometry Geekout & Former Students

Today I went to school to get some geometry work done with a colleague. We had some fun times catching up with friends, played a game of Exploding Kittens, and then got to business. We got a ton of work done. And although we have so much more to do, we actually have a game plan. That felt super awesome — to collaborate with someone who can get down the the sometimes-tedious hard work which is needed to set the stage for a course. The best part was when we were planning, we started having all these amazing ideas — which we wrote down and are going to turn into actual ideas. We were geeking out and I was bursting with excitement inside as this was happening. Here are some of the whiteboards of the geeking out.

Near the end of our working, two former students came by and it was lovely catching up with them, and finding out what they’ve been up to, but also what others in their class are up to now.

I felt energized. And I’ve been lacking that feeling for most of the summer, barring #TMC15 and the immediate aftermath.


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