Very Punny

Overall, I’ve been happy this week that I have incorporated a lot of activities rather than just worksheets. We’ve played Kahoots, used Plickers, foam fun, pipe cleaners, whiteboards, etc.

In geometry today we did two of my favorite activities. One I created myself with the help of some former students where we practice using geometry definitions by arranging pipe cleaners and pom poms into different diagrams. I felt a lot of satisfaction that this activity still stands the test of time. In ones section, we laughed and laughed over some geometry puns which started out very unintentionally.

“What’s the point?”

“Thought was a great line!”

“Nobody wants to be plane!”

And as per usual, you just had to be there.

I am the sponsor of Student Council and students have to write an essay to get in. The deadline is today and so far I have received 28 essays. For a student body of 120ish, I think that’s awesome!

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