Good Sportsmanship

I asked students to write down one good thing from the past week as their exit ticket yesterday. It was really great to get to enter in to their excitement and celebrate with them. Cheerleaders were excited about megaphones with their names on them – and I got to see them before leaving for the day. A surprising number were excited about having been to Chipotle that week. Someone had been recovered from an injury and could play football; another had been named starting quarterback. Someone had gotten a poem published, and I got to ask about it and discuss it with her. I love getting to know what they’re excited about.


Our high school is divided into houses (think Harry Potter, but without the boarding school aspect), and I’m the faculty adviser for one. (So, I’m either Snape or McGonagall, depending on how you feel about my house.) My house played human foosball against another house at lunch. One of our smaller girls got hit in the face with the ball, and the entire house was focused on her while the ball drifted over to a member of the opposite team, who’s one of my students It would have been a great opportunity to score, but he waited until she was ok and we were ready to play again before doing anything. Watching my student choose character over winning was wonderful.


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