Glimpses of Heaven

We started our unit circle quizzes in PreCalc today.  I just finished entering scores.  I’ve never had such high scores on Day 1!    I looked through past years and the scores have steadily increased each year!  Yippee!


When my fifth hour calculus class was over today, two students (who looped with me) stayed back and asked if they could be the godmother and godfather of Jonas.  I laughed.  But inside I was very moved.  They’re the cutest.


I left my room this morning before classes started in order to–you guessed it–go to the bathroom (it’s honestly one of my only “complaints” of pregnancy, so I realize I have no room to speak).  I swear I was only gone for a minute or two, but when I got back, there was a canvas leaning up against a wall.  Only the back was showing.  It said, “To my favorite math teacher!” There was also a post-it that said, “Please don’t look until fourth hour.”

So, there it sat.  Tempting me all morning.

When fourth hour came, one of my students said, “This is from me, by the way!  I wanted to make something for the baby.”

I was so touched.  Truly, as I’m typing these words, my eyes are welling with tears.  Who are these kids that they would care so much not only about me, but even about my unborn child?  They are so selfless sometimes it just blows me away.  When people say things like, “Oh, this generation!”  I want to say, “Have you looked at your generation? Because most of the kids I know are incredible human beings.  Much better than I was at their age…”  Thank God for this generation.  They will move mountains.  They are my glimpses of heaven.



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