We are currently doing constructions in Geometry class and no lie, this is the first time I’ve ever used the SMART Notebook compass. It was so fun! Some of the students were super impressed by it which makes it even more fun for me. I had a broken whiteboard compass that I tried to use before but it slid all over the board and I couldn’t adjust the marker and it was pretty much terrible.

I learned how to used the SMART Notebook compass right in class as we were working so it’s easy enough that anyone can use it.

Once again, I was dreading my big class. And once again I was pleasantly surprised. I gave a little lecture and I don’t know if it got through to students or not but more were working than not and dare I say….learning.

But once again an absent student or two may have contributed to that.

Overall the class went smoothly, I did not get overly frustrated, and I feel like domain and range is making sense in their heads.


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