Seating Chart

We discussed differentiability at a point today in calculus.  I felt like I was throwing a lot at the kids.  In fourth hour (my first calc class), I said, “How are you all doing?  Are you hanging in there?”

One kid piped up, “Yeah!  This is fun!  These are REALLY good notes!”

I’m pretty sure he was being totally serious.


My co-teacher and I have the same planning period, so today during our plans we devised a seating chart for Intermediate Algebra.  We put a lot of thought into it.  We kept saying, “Well, we can always change it,” but–both of being perfectionists–we really wanted to get a good one on the first go around.

I think we did because class was magical today.  That kid whose mom I had to call yesterday?  He stayed off his phone.  Miracle.  Oh my–it’s so much more fun contacting a parent with GOOD news.  Mom was delighted.

Another kid, who took but failed one semester of Algebra II, and hence finishes in a matter of minutes what takes others the whole hour, went around and helped other students.  All I did was ask him to help those around him.  The next thing I knew, he was on his knees explaining how to solve an equation to a classmate.  My co-teacher and I exchanged looks of shock and awe.  When he said, “Would you like me to work another one with you?” I thought my heart was going to burst.



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