Brett Peterson

When I was in PreCalc today, one of my previous kids came in to get something.  He exclaimed, “Mrs. Peterson!  Seeing you just makes my day so much better.  Can I give you a hug?”


My fifth hour calculus class really disappointed me today.  Every week or so, they get randomly called on to present a part of a past AP FRQ.  They have the problems well in advance.  They may ask questions ahead of time.  They just have to come prepared.  That is all.

I had to call on three different kids today before I got an answer I was satisfied with for a particular question.  And I gave them almost the whole answer on Friday.

“I’m really disappointed, guys.  I gave you this last week.”

And that was that.  We moved on to the next question.

For the last question, I said, “I’ll take a volunteer for this one, if anyone would like to do it.”

I expected zero hands to go up.  The tension was pretty thick, after all.

To my surprise, about half the class raised their hands as soon as I had finished my sentence.  This made me so glad.  Even though it’s early on, these kids already want to please me.  And, as a class, they wanted to show me that they were, indeed, prepared.


I had a kid in Intermediate Algebra last year that I’ve been worrying about this year.  I hadn’t seen her on campus yet, and I was pretty sure that if she were here, she would have come to say hi.  I had been so worried that she dropped out.

But today, after duty, I ran into her in the hall!  I was beside myself with relief.  I wrapped my arms around her as tight as my growing belly would let me.

“I was JUST in your room looking for you!”  She explained that she was at the alternative center this year and was looking for some math help.  We nailed down a plan of action and she promised to swing by again.

It was so good to that face and know that she was ok and on the track to graduation.


Two past students came to visit me after school today!  It was so good to see their faces, give them hugs, and catch up on their lives.


The time has come in the school year where my planning period is pretty much eaten up with kids asking questions.  I know, I know, I should lock my door.  Well, I’m never going to do that; that’s all I have to say about that.

So, no plan and then visitors after school.  It was 5 PM before I got a moment to myself.  I texted my husband, telling him it would be a late night.  I still had to prepare for tomorrow.  “Oh, and [my sister] Gloria needs PreCalc help tonight, too.”

Within a half hour, he showed up with Panda Express, ready to keep me company as I finished what needed to be finished.  This man has the gift of making even my stressful moments incredibly enjoyable.  Our son is beyond lucky to have Brett as his dad.  No need will go unnoticed.


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