I Don’t Repeat Directions

Today I assigned a student who always asks questions right after I say the directions to another student who could hear and repeat the directions.

I’m not sure if the student really can’t hear (because he answers questions when I ask him) or if he just enjoys being annoying or thinks it’s funny. But I. Cannot. Deal.

I am not repeating directions when there is a classroom of students who can do that for me.

No, I’m not going to leave anyone confused or abandoned but listening is also a valuable skill that needs practice.

My principal e-mailed me this article about giving students pencils; while I pretty much do that already, I felt listened to because it’s a problem we have discussed before.


One thought on “I Don’t Repeat Directions

  1. Thanks for sharing the pencil article. That is how I have handled it as well (OK, honestly, maybe by the end of the year my patience wears thin). I want my class to be a positive place.

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