First Day!!

On the first day the upperclassmen have a two hour delay so the freshmen can practice finding all their classes. It’s great for them to have the school to themselves but it’s an awkward morning for the teachers. They’re only in your room for five minutes which is enough time to have awkward silence after I hear all their names and confirm they’re in the right class, but not enough time to do much of anything. Extra awkward because my 9th grade classes are double block, so I had them for five minutes twice. Which isn’t the same as having ten minutes. Point being, there was one kid in particular I set off on the wrong foot with (she was talking about switching out of the class by the end of the second five minutes) and a bit of kids staring at me when I said “any questions?” But this afternoon when we had 45 minutes of class? So much better! We did a getting to know you survey and I shared my answers with the class, then asked “any questions?” not expecting much. But then someone asked my favorite color. And that set off a slew of questions, including why I chose teaching from the kid I had a rough start with. Apparently my answer was satisfactory because when we started the four fours activity she was willing to engage. And when she didn’t want to write she was excited about my alternative of using a white board. It’s only day one and I already salvaged a relationship! I’m feeling good. 


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