We did it! The first week of school! Yay!

Oh, you want more good than that? Okay. I’m going to be covering a class for my co-worker when she’s out on leave because her wife is having a baby. The baby was due the first day of school so we’ve been co-teaching the class until this baby gets around to arriving. Today we had the kids playing integer war in pairs and rotating partners every ten minutes. There are six kids in the class and for the first three rotations the same kids stayed in their seat each time. For the fourth rotation we wanted them to mix up and find a new partner but they were having trouble finding a way for everyone to have a new partner. We discussed (all six kids and two adults) for several minutes, collecting information and eventually even recording options on the board. I thought it was impossible but couldn’t articulate why until we had written everything out. My co-worker had a great summarizing statement: this is just like algebra! There are times when there is no solution, but you have to show evidence, not just assume that because you can’t find it it doesn’t exist. 

Oh, and they ended up playing the last round in groups of three so every kid got to play with every other kid today!


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