The true heroes of the classroom

We read a chapter in the book The Joy of x in calculus today.  The kids seemed pretty into it, which always makes me happy because it’s one of my favorite books in the world.  After class, a girl came up and asked if I had enough copies so she could take one home for a while.  OMG, yes, child.  By all means!


I had a new student today in calculus (like, totally new–not just changing schedules).  I panicked a bit when I saw a new name on my roster.  Now?  A month into school?  How will he catch up?  How will catch him up?

I think all will be fine.  He seems to have a fairly decent background.  Fingers crossed.

My good thing, though, is how the class reacted.  I explained we had a new student, all the way from India, and asked the students to welcome him and make sure he has lunch buddies (this class happens to be right before lunch).

After class, a student volunteered to show him where his next classes would be, and I imagine she invited him to join her friends for lunch, also.

God bless students like her.  I immediately sat down to write her parents a letter.  Acts of kindness like that should be celebrated even more than any academic accomplishments made in my classroom.


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