Even just for one

Remember that kid whose mom I had to call the first week of school because he wouldn’t do any work (he had decided being on his phone was a better use of his time)?  I don’t know if I ever mentioned that he didn’t pass a single class last year.  He is now a whole year behind in school.

But…he is doing absolutely beautifully in Intermediate Algebra.

Today, he stayed after the bell to finish one last problem (mind you, this is the last class of the day).

When he left, he said, “Bye, Mrs. Peterson!  Have a great day!”

“You, too, M.  Tell your momma how proud I am of you.”

And there goes that smile.  Even with his face down, he can’t hide that smile from me.

We have to keep working for these kids.  Even if it’s just one kid at a time.  We have to keep working.  We may just be the person that helps them see how much potential is stored up inside them.

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