Breathing Earth

Today is Thoughtful Q’s Thursday for our bell ringer activity. Though it had nothing to do with the picture we wrote questions about, a student asked if there had ever been a day where no one in the U.S. died. After some googling, it appeared that there has not been a day where no one died. Then they asked about being born. We read a statistic that said someone was born every 5 seconds and died every 3 seconds. A student said, “That means eventually we would run out of people”. I said, “Hey, that sounds like a great math problem.” I didn’t take it any further because I wasn’t sure how to.

But that led us to this interesting website, that shows an animation of the births and deaths. I love that this random tangent led us to some interesting math. Sadly, I could not extend it off the top of my head. Suggestions?


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