First test down

Precalc had their first test today. After yesterday’s review, I was nervous for them. I think I get meaner every year; I made it abundantly clear that–while all tools had been given to them to succeed on this test–it was up to them to use those tools. 

Lo and behold, they listened! Averages were great in both classes. (And it was a hard test–but they don’t need to know that.) It’s nice when you can actually look forward to passing back tests. 

One of the best parts was after the test, a girl came up to see what she did wrong (“I don’t want credit; I just need to know how to work these.”). She’s been struggling, but she stays in my room during my plan period and works slowly but surely. We went through the test together and she said, “So…you think I did ok? I didn’t fail??”

I laughed. “No, you definitely did not fail.” She ended up making a B! Woohooo!


One of my Calc kids today said, “I like this class.”

Assuming he was referring to the fact that he gets to sit with a lot of his buddies, I didn’t respond. Then he said, “I like having you as a teacher.”


A past student texted me today just to say she missed me. Another swung by the school after her college classes to check up on her past teachers. 

Oh, how I miss them. And, oh, how grateful I am that they work to stay in my life. 


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