On the right track

I’ve said this before, but the beginning of school (I’m talking all the way until second quarter starts, at least) is always a bit challenging for this introvert.  I don’t like not knowing my kids to the extent that I want to know them.  I think we’re all trying to make good impressions…and figure out exactly what we think of each other.

I heard a couple comments today that made me feel like, “Ok, they’re starting to understand me and my style and that I do what I do for them.”

When I passed back yesterday’s PreCalc tests, one girl said, “I LOVE how you get our quizzes and tests back to us the next day!  Bless.”

When I was making my daily lap around the room during calculus worktime, I heard a girl say to her friend, “I think she’s asked us how we’re doing every single day.  That’s amazing.”[1]

Small things.  But they brightened my day.  I think we’re on the right track here.

[1] The things they think I don’t hear. Lolz.


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