It goes by fast

As I was walking back from lunch today, I heard someone say, “Mrs. Peterson!”  I searched until I saw a face I recognized.

“Hi, B!”

“Mrs. Peterson!  These are my triplets, and my other brother!”

To be fair, my first thought was, Wow, girl, you have a lot of brothers.

And then I thought, How precious that she’s so excited to introduce her family to me!


My co-teacher for Intermediate Algebra was sick today. 😦  I feared being able to get to all the kids without her, so I modified my plans a bit and all was well.

In fact, we finished earlier than anticipated, so I had students continue to work on their spiral review packet.  About five minutes before the bell, I heard a kid say, “Whoa!  This class went by fast!”  (Music to every teacher’s ears, am I right?)  And then another kid corrected him, “This class ALWAYS goes by fast!”


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