Spanish Flea

There is something so gratifying about planning and implementing a fun and effective day of teaching. All day long, I went back and forth between Graphing Stories (Algebra 1) and Dance Dance Transversal (Geometry). I broke Graphing Stories down, and we really took our time analyzing all of the pieces of the first story, then narrowing down to just what we wanted to graph. And in Dance Dance Transversal, we had to do “finger-dancing” on gameboards on our desks — that’s how crowded my room is.

But I hope that I never forget how 7th block went “WOAH!” each time I launched the new music and the new level of Dance Dance Transversal. Level 2 — Spanish Flea. Level 3 — The James Bond Theme (WOAH!!!). And Level 4 — Mission Impossible (WOAH!!!!!!!!!).

Joy in mathematics is infectious. I felt bad for the few kids who either opted themselves out or shut down, but we will practice again tomorrow. All I know is, it was worth it to feel the rush of delight every time they felt challenged to a new level — both of mathematics and of silliness.


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