In a day that is very hard to feel anything good, two students stopped after class to tell me how much they like doing inequalities and interval notation in Algebra 2 and that math is their favorite subject. They talked about how it always seems hard at first but then after you understand it becomes easy. One girl even told me that she really wants to be a college math professor. This came as a shock to me because she is SUPER quiet and shy. But now that I know, I can try to encourage that.

At lunch, the creative writing teacher told me how the same girl had written her a letter about how she had been bullied so badly from 3rd-5th grade but now she is doing so much better. The girl was befriended by an older student who really listened to her and gave her some positive compliments. We think that it would be a great friendship for both students so we want to encourage and support that as well.

One thing I do love about teaching at a small school is how we know every student and teach them over multiple years so that we can make connections happen.


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