One of my PreCalc kids from last year (who chose not to take calculus this year, much to my dismay) stopped by my room to say hello today! It was so good to see that face again. 

When I asked her how classes were going, specifically math (concurrent College Algebra), she responded with, “It’s easy, but I really miss this class.” I said I really missed having her in class. 

Then she asked how my year was going (these students are literally the sweetest, are they not?). When I told her my husband and I are expecting our first baby, she jumped for joy. She must have told me congratulations five times in about sixty seconds. 

I realize that teenagers are not perfect and can sometimes drive us to our breaking point (this is why God invented sleep and Starbucks). But sometimes their joy, enthusiasm, and kindness can simply not be matched. And that’s when it hits me how much we have to learn from them…


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