We played our first game of Trashketball today in PreCalc!  My first hour got very into trying to earn points for “style.” I cannot put into words how funny they were. They had me belly laughing more than once.  It was one of those classes where you think, I feel sorry for people who work with adults all day long because we are just not nearly as funny as teenagers.

Also, I felt like I did a better job of “being less helpful,” which is a big deal for me.  It’s really easy for me to say, “Oh, not everyone understands?  Here, let me work it out for all of you.”

Well, kids, this is review, meaning you’ve already seen me work it out, so now let me help you help yourself instead.  So, after each review question, I said, “If you need more practice on this type of problem, check out Section ____, Number ____.”

This is a very large leap for me. 😉


My calculus kids learned the derivatives of the six basic trig functions today.  To demonstrate each f(x) and its corresponding f'(x), I’ve made cards with the graphs of each and ask the kids to match.  Yesterday in class I showed them pictures of two functions graphed on the same plane–one was the original function; the other was its derivative.  The kids had to figure out which was which.

It’s a very abstract concept, so after doing three of them, I asked, “How are you guys doing with this?  Is it starting to click?”

My fifth hour had gotten very into it.  Two boys in the back yelled, “Yeah!  Give us another!”

So I did.

And then they wanted another.  So, I told them we’d be matching graphs tomorrow (today), so they could look forward to that.

“Is it a competition?”


So, today, they were all excited for our little competition of matching graphs (hehe…the things they’ll do for candy).  The two boys in the back got first place.  When I congratulated them, they said–in all seriousness, “Thanks!  We practiced for this.”

I tried to contain myself.


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