In my long block, it was hot and things were taking longer than I anticipated. To break things up, I planned to show a vi hart video.

The sound wasn’t working. There were projection problems. Finally I figured things out. It was 4 minutes of relaxation, and kids were TOTALLY digging it. Afterwards, they wanted to doodle, so I gave us a few minutes to doodle a star with p=9 and q=4. Then p=9 and q=2.

The truth is: today was a horrible day. I taught all 4 classes. I’m feeling behind in all of them. I had a student take advantage of my niceness, and I had to share how dismayed and disappointed I was. I didn’t have a dedicated lunch period because we had our “team meeting.” And after school we had a meeting until 5pm. And it was extraordinarily hot and muggy. I felt sweaty and sticky all day, and after the meeting, I started developing a headache. It was unbearable. But, and this is huge, I survived. Somehow.


3 thoughts on “Video

  1. Not only did you survive, but you had the energy and goodwill to share some teaching ideas at night on twitter with a teacher in need. His day (mine, that is!) was made better by your energy, creativity, and willingness to share. One good thing for sure

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