In Geometry, we started talking about induction and deduction. How I started it?

By playing this video:

Then we talked: barring things like clouds and weather, would they? Would they bet their bottom dollar? That the sun would come out?

Most — but the contrarians of the group — said they absolutely would. And then I asked why? How would they convince a second grader? And adult? The conversation had to be short and brief, but they hit on the two explanations that I wanted to come up: the sun has risen for millenia, so why would it stop now? and science! scientific laws has the earth rotate on its axis and the laws would have to suddenly change for the earth to stop rotating.

Which then led us to informal definitions of induction (using observations to create a conclusion) and deducting (using things we know and accept are true to “deduce” [derive from accepted rules] more true things).

Why was this my one good thing? In my last period class, during the end of the song in the video, one student started singing along, and by the finishing notes, there was a rousing chorus of (not so sonorous) voices!


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