i ate some pie

Today our entire school took either a practice ACT or the real thing.  Because of this, I had my homeroom class – this is very unusual and I do not teach any of these kids.  After a VERY LONG three hours of testing, while we were all waiting to be dismissed to lunch, one girl was looking at the posters in my room.  I was eavesdropping as she and her friends tried to figure this one out:  Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 7.37.31 AM

Finally she turned around and asked me “Does that really SAY something?”  As I was explaining it, I could see their brains racing to be the first to figure it out.  I got through the “i” and 2^3 before they all shouted “I ATE SOME PIE!!”

I LOVED that, after three hours of ACT testing, they were still interested enough to ask me to explain the square root of negative one.

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