Small Moments

Today was a pretty lackluster day. We had parent night last night until 9pm and I did not get much sleep, so I was exhausted. And in two of my three classes, I gave tests. But here are some small moments that brightened my day:

*In my geometry classes I saw my kids were nervous for our first test (they are ninth graders) so I closed the doors and had them scream at the top of their lungs to get some of the nervous energy out. Most really enjoyed that.

*I played a round of boggle with three other math teachers. As usual, I lost.

*One advisee came in to grab candy from my desk (I always keep a bunch here for students/advisees to drop by), and she said something about taking too much advantage of the candy I keep, and I got to tell her that she was WELCOME to it because that’s what it is here for! To get visitors!

*We had Indian food for lunch, which means I got two helpings of saag paneer… my favorite!

*Although I didn’t get a ton of grading done today (let me list what grading I have to do: read over and heavily comment the writings for one class’s formal writeups trying to prove a conjecture, read over and mark two classes worth of algebra review problem sets, grade two classes worth of geometry tests… and tomorrow I get two more classes worth of tests). But I did get some stuff done. And in my tired state, I’m giving myself some kudos for that.


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