Choir Class

So the choir teacher had a family emergency today and was without a sub – the front office called and asked if I could help out during my planning.  Sure.

I walked in, deep breath… because several faces I only recognized from their energetic behavior in the hall ways. 

I got them settled, called roll, read the teacher’s instructions, they quickly and quietly gathered around the piano.

The music began.  They sang.  Yes, I know that’s what choir class is about, but it was so unexpected.

My heart was full – listening and watching.


Wow.  After each song, they’d give one another feedback, adjust and sing sections again. 

They smiled.

It made me sad that my class really is boring and blah compared to something they love and enjoy.

But wow.  I loved seeing them in this setting.  So much talent.  They were really good. 

It was sunshine on a cold, rainy day.


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