Student Teaching

After my PreCalc students worked through a set of problems I was about to put up the solutions when a student asked if he could write his answers on the board. It was a perfect opportunity to give the other students another minute to finish so I gladly accepted. But he didn’t just put his answers up and sit back down. He wrote his name on the board as Mr. (his last name). He asked who had questions. He explained clearly. He showed all the steps. He checked back in with the student who had asked the question.  He wondered aloud if he might want to become a math teacher. All I had to do was search for a unit circle for him to annotate and paste it into the slides. It was awesome!

This week has been rough, my co-teacher has been out (and will be for at least another month) which has been a much bigger adjustment than I expected. But my PreCalc class went splendidly today. My algebra classes were much smoother than they had been all week. I got a brief chance to chat with the sub who has been in for my co-teacher and to tell the admin in charge of sub schedules that I need time to talk to her if we’re going to be working together (especially because all my kids are unique and I need to fill her in on some of their accommodations and quirks). I’m so thankful I got to end this week on a high note. If I drop off here again please hold me accountable, I need to focus on the positives, even more so when things aren’t going great. 


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