So Flattered

Our school has a long history – we were established in 1844. With that kind of history comes many traditions. Today we had a ceremony that comes around every five years. There are a number of established honorary chairs that were dedicated in honor of teachers from our school’s past. I am deeply honored to have been named the endowed chair for mathematics for the next five years. At this ceremony, we are invited to ask a student to speak on our behalf. I reached out to a fantastic and talented student named Emma who was in my Calculus BC class last year. Emma is a marvelous musician and she sees her future in her violin. She was anxious to commit to the BC course but she came around and enjoyed her experience in the class. I asked her to speak on my behalf because of this back story. I was so touched by the speech she gave to our upper school today talking about her experiences with my class and how they helped shape her as a problem-solver. I was flattered and a bit speechless afterwards. The fact that my wife and mother (who was visiting for grandparents’  weekend) were able to be there was icing on the cake.

A lovely day.


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