Free Day

One of my students today said, “Mrs. Peterson, I really like our class.”

I tried to act very nonchalant at this beautiful comment: “I’m so glad.  I like it a lot, too.”

One of my favorite parts of this statement was her use of the possessive pronoun:  our class.  I dislike it very much when students or parents refer the class as my class or your class.  I want us all to take ownership in this process.


After we finished Texting Olympics today in Intermediate Algebra, I told my kids to get out their spiral review and work a few more multi-step linear equations for me.  One girl begrudgingly said, “Man!  You NEVER give us a free day!”

“What do you mean?  Every single day is a free day!  I’ve never charged you once!”

I wasn’t sure if I’d get an eye roll or a laugh, but to my delight, I received the latter.  “Heyyyy!  Now THAT’s a good one, Mrs. Peterson.  You got me!  I’m gonna use that one.”

Thank you to the colleague I stole that phrase from a few years ago…


During parent-teacher conferences tonight, one mom said to me (as soon as she walked into the classroom), “You are one of only two people I know that still writes thank you cards.”  She went on to tell me how much she appreciated receiving a thank you card and also hearing kind words about her student.  I was grateful to hear this.  I love sending notes out to families, but sometimes I feel like I send them into this empty void, unsure if they ever reach the people I intend for them to reach.  Her kind words gave me motivation to keep writing and keep sending words of encouragement to these precious families.


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