Flatland, the book club

Today at the top of our Multivariable Calculus class, we had our Flatland discussion group. Kids read 25 pages (so now they’re halfway through). Last week I led the group and brought snacks — to show them what it can and should look like. This time two students led the group while the others brought snacks. The leaders had a bunch of great questions, they kids were eager to dive in and discuss, and so many interesting observations and conversations happened. I was a little nervous about spending time to do the book group, when time is so valuable and I barely have enough to finish the course the way I want to. But I have no regrets now. I think these kids are just enthusiastic thinkers, who like reading. (On the first test, I asked kids how they thought class was going, and a bunch said they liked the book club! And we had only had one session thus far!)

I can’t wait until the next book club where we finish off the book!



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