I’m going to be gone tomorrow for a math competition.  When I told one of my classes this, they moaned, and my heart melted.  “But!  I got you the best sub ever.  She’s taught precalc and calc so she will be able to answer any questions you have.  Also, she’s the person I’m trying to get for my maternity leave…so, bring on the charm tomorrow!”

The kids laughed at this, and some took it to a whole different level.  Hands started flying, “What’s her favorite kind of cookie?”  “Would balloons be overkill?”

I was dying.


I got on to a boy today for being on his cell phone in class.  Something inside me just couldn’t let it go this time:  “Guys, do you really think it’s not obvious when you’re staring down at your pants, smiling?”

And then I went back to start teaching, but a ripple of laughter started on one side of the room and eventually penetrated the whole classroom.  I started laughing, too.  I felt a little bad that we were laughing at a student’s expense, but–then again–he did break the rules.  And he’s not easily offended, so I think all is well.

cell phone


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