I had three individual meetings with students today, who wanted help grokking a few things. They went well. What I like about it is that the students were proactive, and came to the meetings ready to discuss things (rather than expect me to be in-charge-of-the-meeting, which I do not do). Did I mention these were freshpersons?


After school today I worked crazy hard to get some stuff done. And then at 5:30pm I had a meeting with a fellow teacher, and during that meeting we wrote a test and a topic list for that test. It felt good to get that out of the way. My favorite part? The bonus question is awesome.


When I walked into my geometry classroom, there was only one student in there, and they were twirling and scootching around the classroom in the “teacher chair” (which has wheels and moves easily!). For some reason, I started singing The Hills Are Alive… because the twirling motion reminded me of that. And when two other kids came in, we started singing a few bars from various Sound of Music ditties. A kid asked me if I was in an especially good mood today, and I said “Sure, why not? It’s a good day to be extra happy.” Then a kid asked me if we could watch “Bob’s Burgers” in class, and then I said “Okay, that’s a great way to make me feel less happy” (but… I said it smiling).


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