Student again

A colleague and I took our math club to a competition today. It’s always so fun to hang out with these kids and watch them represent our school so beautifully. 

The day’s events were set up a bit differently this year than in years past. As such, I got to attend a lecture presented by one of the brilliant professors at the university. I was totally mesmerized by his talk (“The Mathematics of Juggling”). And I was reminded how much I love being a student. It was no shock to anyone when I chose teaching as a profession because I’ve always loved being in the classroom. It’s always been my home away from home. And today I was reminded how awesome it is–and how important it is–to be a student again, at least every once and a while.

On that same note, we as educators need to make sure we have people pouring into us, encouraging and mentoring us. Because we do that for our kids all. day. long. And if we don’t stop to nourish ourselves, we can’t very well nourish our kids. 

That is all. 


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