Carrying each other 

Today we had another round of parent-teacher conferences. These are rarely all that enjoyable. My last one was particularly hard. The child and her family have gone through an incredible amount of pain and loss the last year…I knew this, yet I still called for a parent-teacher conference.

I sat there and cried with the mom, offering no good solutions, no great words of advice, no guarantee that I could really help her daughter. I felt totally useless. 

I cried more on the drive home and then again during dinner. 

I hate the feeling of helplessness. 

I wish there was something I could do to make it better. To ease my student’s pain and suffering. 

But sometimes there isn’t anything we can do other than to listen and to hold these precious ones in our hearts. To cry with them and for them. Because our tears are evidence that we hold a piece of them inside us. 

And that is a good thing. Let us hold our students in our hearts and minds. Let us walk beside our families. Let us cry for the injustices they face. Let us be a place of refuge. And let us carry some of their burden. 

Because one day, we may need them to carry ours. 

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