a pretty good Friday…

Today in geometry my kids had a choice of “exit tickets” before they could get their homework.  They could choose Easy Peasy, Meh – Medium, or I’M READY FOR A CHALLENGE.

In my 6th block class at least half of the kids chose I’M READY FOR A CHALLENGE.  YAY!!!   Better yet, they all worked until they were successful, even if it took multiple attempts.  The very last student to finish the challenge problem shouted “YES!!  I DID IT!!” and high-fived me when he was done.  That’s a pretty good day in geometry.

My AP Calculus class started a new unit today and before we began I said something along the lines of….”Next year when you are in college, you will not have assigned seats.  You’re going to decide for yourself if you are sitting in the most beneficial place for you to learn.  With that in mind, if anyone would like to rethink their seat, let’s do that now.”  Success!  The students who (in my opinion) needed to move away from friends/distractions did as I had hoped.


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