Candy, Gratitude, Granola Bars, Interesting Work

Today I had some nice moments:

*An advisee came to my office to grab some candy (I always keep some on my desk to entice students to come in). I told her that I have a new rule… If you take a piece of candy, you have to tell me one thing about your day (good or bad). She told me she did very well on a French quiz she got back. Then she turned to leave. And then… she stopped, turned back to me, and asked me what my good thing was for today. It was so sweet.

*Some of my precalculus students didn’t do so well on their first assessment, so I offered them a reassessment. One student was so grateful that on her application/reflection, they thanked me for the opportunity, and then today when she was turning it in again, she thanked me. She wasn’t taking things for granted, and realized that it was extra work for me. I appreciated that she was so thoughtful.

*Today we have a math contest. In previous years, with our “old schedule,” we had to offer it before school which was a horrible time and we had a low turnout. Maybe 10 kids at most. Today, in our “new schedule,” we offered it and we literally have three full rooms of kids taking it. Some of them in my room hadn’t eaten lunch (we have lunch right before this, but sometimes there are club meetings) and they were foregoing getting lunch to do this. So what I did was offer kids some granola bars from my large stash, and then had another teacher hand them out to kids who hadn’t eaten lunch in the other rooms. I had zero granola bars left. The fact that kids were willing to forego lunch in order to take the contest blew my mind. I’m so glad I had this stash of granola bars, and the department head said I could order a bunch just for this situation in the future!

*In multivariable calculus, I asked students to come up with the distance between a point and a plane. They knew almost nothing. The three groups solved it correctly in two very different ways. It was beautiful.


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