Fall break

Today was our first day back from fall break; I hadn’t seen my kids since last Tuesday. I had mixed emotions about coming back to school as I wasn’t nearly as rested as I had hoped I would be. But, as soon as my kids started entering our classroom, I felt back in my element and felt rejuvenated despite my lack of sleep. It’s amazing what their mere presence does to lift my spirits. 

During my plan, one of my students came by specifically to show me pictures of and to tell me about her fall break. I loved hearing about her adventures, and I loved that she wanted to share her memories with me. 

It’s moments like these that make me realize how important it is to listen to our kids, to take an interest in what interests them, and to ask about their lives outside school. Yeah, the math is important. Super important. But hearing about a Taylor Swift concert needs to take precedence at times. 


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