Joining in on an English Class

Today I had the pleasure of joining in on one of our English classes. Last Friday in one of my Discte Math classes a conversation came up about success. A student had a Tshirt on with the word forgive and another student pointed out that their English teacher has posited that forgiveness is a sign of a successful person. I offered someone like Michael Jordan is an example of someone who seemed to thrive on the opposite of forgiveness, that he pointed to grudges as fuel for his success. I did not think much o ft his conversation and I figured that there was more to the idea of success that the class had been working with. The term elective is called Literature of Success. So, later in the day the teacher of the course engages me Ina. Bit of a mock debate in the hallway and she challenged me to join their class on Monday to join in their conversation and, presumably, to be educated about their conversation on success. The work they are discussing right now is Tolstoy’s Death of Ivan Ilyich. So, this weekend in addition to watching my beloved Mets, grading and writing, helping a friend move, and sleeping a bit, I also read this story. I sat in on their class today and dove right into the class conversation. It was a blast being a student, it was fun not being the center of attention, and it was great to step outside of my routine.


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