pictures, math team, well-wishing, book club

Today at the start of geometry, two students shared some of their work for a problem… Given two points, draw all possible darts (and all possible kites) that arise from these two points. So so so beautiful.

We had our third math team competition today. We played a live match, and were trounced by the competition. But what made it a good thing was that the round was a collaboration round — which meant that kids were working in groups of three solving problems. And when they got a problem right, there was cray cray excitement. I was glowing when I saw that.

In two of my classes, I hadn’t seen them since last Tuesday — because we didn’t meet on Friday and I was sick on Thursday — the very first thing a student said to me was “Mr. Shah, are you feeling better?” MELT. I don’t know why, but I got all mushy because they said it so warmly and genuinely.

Our book club in multivariable calculus was awesome today!


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