Missing them

I missed my students from last year a lot today.

First, as I was checking progress on my precalc kids’ work, I wanted a way to let my future self know if a kid had finished the first half of the assignment. Immediately, I remembered a cat stamp that two of my Calc girls had given me last year to remember them by. As I stamped dozens of papers–and as my kids repeatedly exclaimed their delight with the cat–I thought of those two girls continually. 

Then, after school, as I was prepping for next week, I came across a related rates worksheet I made last year called “Related Rates Related to You,” in which each story problem portrayed one or two of my students as the hero or heroine. Of course, I changed the names to work with this year’s classes. But it hurt me a little to do that. 

I miss them so. 

But, as I’ve said before, missing them is a good thing. It means what we had was worth being missed. 


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