Today my trig students were working on angle of elevation and depression word problems. They had to cut out diagrams and match them to the correct problem, then solve. It was interesting to me to watch each student go at it a little bit differently. One student cut and matched all the diagrams right away, then started working number one. Another student matched the picture to number one, worked number one, then looked for the picture for number two. I was also surprised that students did not write or draw on the pictures at all but instead drew and labeled their own right triangle.

Another small thing I noticed is how students in Geometry lean toward the geomirror, patty paper, or their own visuals to determine reflectional and rotational symmetry. And then they never leave that tool. It becomes their go-to and it’s rare for them to switch.

Piecewise functions is probably my favorite example of interactive notebooks + color with purpose. I’m sure some students didn’t see a purpose but to me it just makes it seem so clear. Always a good time!


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