Support System

My day started out with a student council meeting in which I was honored as one of three Staff Members of the Month!  The kids vote on this award, so it meant a lot to me that they found me deserving.

Unfortunately, I quickly forgot all about it about two minutes later.  Upon returning to my room, I realized that one of my students is hurting a lot more than I had wanted to admit.  I became a target for her grief and anger.

What we sometimes don’t talk about is that the most satisfying jobs come with the most pain, do they not?

Highs and lows in this profession slap you every which way.  One minute kids are telling you what an impact you’ve made on their lives; the next minute you see how broken all of us still are…

I quickly texted my friend and mentor, Lisa, for advice.  At the drop of a hat, she was in my room giving me practical and loving advice:  words I could take and use to help my sweet, hurting student.

This is my one good thing–that I have people who know me and love me and who can help me figure out a way to help others that is true to myself.  I have a support system here; a family.  I don’t have to take on every kid’s burdens…there’s no way.  But sometimes knowing that I can’t possibly do this on my own is exactly what’s best for the kids.  Because then they get this support system, too.  They have this whole village of people looking out for them, and they don’t even know.

We are family.  We don’t always have all the right words or all the right answers alone; but together, we can make a lot of good happen.

The moral of the story is–teaching is hard. Let’s share the load. It’s what’s best for the kids. 

Thanks for always being there, Lisa.  ❤


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