I’m Sorry

Yesterday I had an ugly situation with a student that ended up with me kicking them out of the class. Today I apologized because I said some wrong things. The student smiled and said sorry back to me. We went on with class as normal today and they even asked for help a couple times and made sure to copy the work they missed yesterday. It was a big relief for me to have the situation end nicely.

My big rowdy class was working on piecewise functions today and was surprisingly engaged and well-behaved.

In Algebra I, we did a review on solving equations, and some kind of hard ones, with a worksheet called circuit training. When you get the answer, you find the problem with the answer above it and that’s number 2. So you’re basically jumping around the worksheet in a random order but also knowing if you have the correct answer. The students loved it! We just finished a unit on statistics so they haven’t done equations in a while. They were eager to help each other when they got stuck and were only asking for the bare minimum from me. As soon as they realized they knew what to do they kindly wanted me to go away. It was a great review activity.

Also, I asked their opinion on our class and some told me they really enjoyed the INBs…and they actually used the word enjoyed! It was a great feeling. I had a lot of warm fuzzies today.


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