Happy weekend

I had not one but TWO past students visit me today as they were home from college for the weekend. It did my heart so good to see them. They are such kind, caring people. I hardly had time to ask how they were doing because they were so sweet to keep asking me questions about how I was doing, how my classes were going, and now pregnancy was treating me. One of them even told me he is thinking about switching his field of study so that he can be a calculus teacher! “I love Calc, and that’s all because of you.” Be still, my heart. 


In calculus, I give quizzes as formative assessments only. The kids take the quiz; at the end of the hour I give them the answers; they mark which ones they got wrong; and two days later corrections are due. As I passed out today’s quiz, one of my students said, “I really like how we do quizzes in this class. I learn from them every time.”

Hoorah! There is something to be said for not having the pressure of performing on an assessment and just figuring out what you do and do not know. 


As I was walking back to my room this afternoon after duty, I smiled at a kid as I passed by. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen him before. He bowed his head and wished me a good weekend. I don’t know. I just thought it was so precious. 


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