“We *got* this.”

At the end of the school day, a first year biology teacher came to my office to talk with me about Standards Based Grading (because she randomly found my blog when doing searches on that!). Two other of her science department colleagues also joined in, and we had a fun overview of SBG for her. It was awesome to geek out about teaching with them!


In my geometry class, kids were working assiduously (except for one group, which apologized for getting infinitely distracted). And one student sent me a playlist of music for me to play during their worktime, and today we broke it out and that was super fun.


I had two great student meetings today — where both students were awesome. One came to me with a five point plan of action (for things to do to work with the material better. The other was super reflective about her learning, her performance, and she was so grateful for some of the tips I gave her to engage more actively with the material. It was awesome to see.


I walked into my Multivariable Calculus class and one of my students from last year was sitting among my kids! It was a blast to see him! He talked to the kids briefly about college, and then joined in the class. The kids were tasked with converting between rectangular and spherical coordinates — and they did a great job! (One group got to convert between cylindrical and spherical coordinates also.) I like classes where kids are up at the boards working, struggling, talking, arguing, and have that moment of insight…


During math club, I started ignoring the students and working on a problem related to a problem the kids were working on. I was saying: Given two integers A and B, can we find the largest number that divides into both that yields the same remainder? Is there always a number that works? It was — in hindsight — a pretty simple problem. But it got me thinking algebraically and graphically — and a fellow teacher and I gave each other insights that helped make us understand the problem better… And my former student (from multivariable) came to the club and solved the problem the students were working on in a crazy elegant way.


The AT (we got rid of AP classes and have created Advanced Topics classes instead) Calculus teacher told me today that students said — when talking about infinite sequences/series — “Yeah, this is Shah stuff… we got this.” That may be the best one good thing from today. (He just told me.)


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