difficult day

For geometry today I had planned an interactive geogebra exploration about the properties of quadrilaterals.  BUT – this is homecoming week…CRaZY WEeK!!  What was I thinking?  And then, to top off the kids’ already lackadaisical attitudes, the wireless died.  Yes, a better teacher would have totally made lemonade from the lemons of nonfunctional internet system and rowdy kids, but I could not.  I tried.  I really did. The “good part” is that we all survived.  We will try again another day.  Better yet, my mom is visiting from out of state so when I got home I could whine to momma.  Who else listens (and cares) about your difficult day better than mom? 🙂


One thought on “difficult day

  1. And it’s a full moon! I swear it makes everyone just a little crazier. Good luck having a week of homecoming, Halloween and a full moon! 🙂

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