Parent’s Weekend

On Friday we invited parents to come to classes and we set die the afternoon and Saturday morning for parent conferences. I have two great highlights from this weekend to share. One of my Geometry students had both her mom and dad in class. After class her mom said something along the lines of , “Wow, that wasn’t boring at all. It takes some talent to make Geometry interesting!” Umm, I guess I will take that as an enthusiastic endorsement of how we run our class. The next morning I met with the parents of one of my AP Calculus BC students. The boy’s dad shared a great story with me. I have been giving these classes problem sets about every 8 – 10 days and stepping out of their way while they tackle a batch of curious problems. The dad told me that his son wrote one of his college essays about these problem sets, specifically about debating one of the problems vigorously with a classmate. The great punchline is that they agreed on the answer, they were debating technique. I LOVE the fact that they are doing this and that it made enough of an impression on this boy that he wanted to write about it. I also had dorm duty – tonight is my fourth night in a row! – but the exhaustion is easier to deal with when I have stories like these to treasure.


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