Today’s Date

I try to write the day’s date on the board in a way that’s semi-creative.  For example, instead of writing Oct. 26, 2015, I might write Oct. 2(10)+6, 2015, except usually I make it a bit harder than that because most of my kids are either in PreCalc or Calc and I want them to work a little more…

I thought I’d be clever and write the date on the board for today (Monday) before I left for school on Friday.  I had written:

Mon., Oct. 13sec(pi/6), 2015.

After I had finished teaching during first hour, I was making my rounds around the room to see what questions I could answer as the kids worked on homework.  When I got to a boy in the front, he said, “I have a question about that,” and pointed to the whiteboard.  “Shouldn’t that be pi/3 instead of pi/6?  Because we would want cosine of the angle to be a half, so that secant of the angle is two…and then two times thirteen gets us to twenty-six.”

Oh, my heart.  (1) Yes, child, you’re absolutely right; take a piece of candy.  (2)  What a beautiful explanation.  (3)  They actually do pay attention to the date on the board.  (4)  Someone caught this during FIRST HOUR!

Sometimes kids tell me they wish I would just write the date like a normal person would.  Too bad for them…


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