On the Fly

Last night I was at school until 8:30 for our Pink Out night so I was not feeling 100% prepared for my lesson today on direct variation. I had a card sort ready to go but I didn’t really know what to do with it or what to do after it. On the fly, I came up with an idea and while the students were taking a quiz, I typed it up and printed it out. I love that my brain continuously mulls things over until it comes up with a solution of some sort. Even when I come back to the same concept over and over, it’s like my brain is relentless until it finds a satisfying solution.

Also, while teaching how to simplify rational expressions, I came up with a better explanation for finding/recognizing the opposites and then after that an even better way to explain it. Knowing my students weren’t clear motivated my brain to keep thinking until a better solution appeared.

I noticed today since I was tired and more mellow that all my classes seemed to follow suit. It’s interesting to notice how my attitude and behavior is imitated by my students. I guess I need to work on acting self-motivated, interested in math, and determined to not give up. Note to self: start next year with growth-mindset!


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