New insights for ME!

I had a super cool insight about arithmetic series today — based on a “do now” I gave my precalculus kids. See my post on the “better questions” blog if you want to read about the insight.


During my multivariable calculus class, the nuclear physics teacher next door was having his class make their own cloud chambers — something I’ve wanted to do for years after seeing it was possible on youtube! He invited us in to see them in action. It was soooooo cool!


I am allowing students to send me (appropriate) spotify playlists for me to play in class when we are working on problems. Today I got my third playlist! Huzzah!


Our math team played on Monday, but the rival team was not playing until today. (It’s a virtual competition where schools can compete asynchronously.) So I’ve been waiting to see if we won, and get to move into the second round of the bracket competition. We WON! 19 to 14! So we’re moving on!!!


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